18 April 2007

a little doodle...
...just a little doodle i wanted to share. i had scanned in a page of my sketchbook to cut and crop. this is one that i found really interesting. i like the way the fish has a grumpy face and how the old man is looking at him. now ideas are forming about a story. interesting how these form in your head once you see them in a different light.


natural attrill said...

Hello, I was looking at your old man on the RI forum thinking how good it was, then I clicked on the link to here and saw this doodle with the fish and it is in a different league, (in my opinion) I REALLY like it, the simplicity of the drawing, in your particular style, along with one of your little fish, I love it, and there is a real relationship between the 2 characters as well. Hope to see more!

Tommy-Rocket said...

You've managed to get dotty eyes looking down!
How DO you do that?
Lovely sketch.


ladysnail said...

hello erica. i dont know how i id the dotty eyes. for dots they do seem to have alot of emotion in them. i think it depends where you put them on the face?

Marisa said...

I love his little fishy friend.