30 April 2007

first swimming lesson...

...this is one of the better prints i did today in the print room. the robot fish are missing their red antenna's as it was more of a test print run to check the colours and that. i wish to create a layer of scales for the regular fish as they dont quite look the same without them. normally i am able to be quite productive with printing but with the warm weather the drying time of the paints is very quick. i only managed to get five prints and normally i have loads more than that! there is no time to work quite as careful or accurate as i was always thinking about the stupid paint! rahhh! i am planning to go in early tomorrow morning and hopefully it will be cooler and so the paint will be easier to work with.

1 comment:

Bentin said...

Hi Deb,

Cute little fish! :D Nice one.

I'm glad you like the AOTM idea - I'll do my best to keep it regular. You should definitely check out more of Tim Marrs' work - it's fantastic!

-Ben xx