22 April 2007

digital masterpiece...

...aye its like the best thing like currant teacakes. this is a illustration to go with an article about 'how to be local'. created on the computer, using scanned in stuff like painted wallpaper, patterned scrap-booking paper, painted regular paper, maps and that. three days of staring at the computer screen and i feel i have learnt a lot more about creating collages using the computer and the digital side of things. i tried to get him to read the news from the pub bar but that didn't work. then i tried the weather approach but the map was two shades of green and the sea was blue and there were too many colours. so i changes the whole thing and started from scratch. i hate to say it but i think i do like working like this. when it went wrong i was more determined to make it work. the old laptop took its time and was a bit slow at dealing with the images but it did a great job. i think it fits with what the article is going on about, 'local accents are much in demand these days, especially on national TV programmes' and 'being a local in your local pub'. i was going to add some hand drawn text on but after a little trial run it looked too much and did'nt really fit. he was going to say "take yer coat... gonna tip it down". think it has rained over night actually-he is a brilliant truthful weatherman.

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natural attrill said...

Looking good ladysnail.
I want to start digi work, but it feels very scarey!