10 April 2007

big pidgeon...

...here is an addition to the family. the other week while on a search for bits and bats for the ever increasing sewing box or boxes, i found some lovely fabric in a newly discovered shop. i also bought some lace that was ten pence a metre-proper bargain and tis very nice indeedy and also lots more buttons and bits of other things for supplies. its like going into a sweet shop-i can never buy just the one thing! this pidgeon is about 18cm wide and 28cm long. i have made a couple of these and they are bit more easier to make with the pattern being bigger. i think people prefer the big pidgeons. hoping to make families of them in matching fabric once i have discovered a way to add an extra day or two to my week. if anyone is interested in a pidgeon please email me. miss_dj020@msn.com i have quite afew looking for new homes now. as the mister keeps saying and i keep knowing, i need to sort out my websites in order to set up some proper shop and portfolio and all that.

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natural attrill said...

What lovely fabric!!!
Thanks for the comment about my 'R'.