04 March 2007

fish collage...

...oh how i wish i was going to see the sea and all its waves sometime soon. this is abit of experimental digital work if you can call it that. i have just scanned in two layers-scraperboard fish and a tissue collage layer. then i played with the layer setting. nothing exciting i know but just trying to get some visual things going so i understand the computer abit more. still aint taken with digital work-it just all seems abit flat to me-well i aint got a clue what i am doing! i like being able to actually layer things up i guess with the printing work and combining printing techniques, like for example being able to create an etching layer and then taking the print from that to the silkscreen and making seperate layers from that print. like doing what the computer does but actually doing it for yourself. good olde worlde techniques.

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