14 February 2007

yay good old black and white materials...

...i love working in black and white! its fab. i decided to buy some scraperboard for the science brief but never used it and now i am working on a newish project. i thought that it was time to use up the materials that gather space, dust and time in the flat. i proper cleaned up the other day only to find that the stuff has erupted all over the place! maybe i was responsible, maybe i wasnt! the 'toothpaste' bit was done using a awl etching point thing and i finally found an art shop that sells the scaperfoil tools separate today-hence the tidier speaking tooth! i was determined not to have to buy one of them sets with the pictures in-like a paint by numbers one but for scraperboard. i love teeth!

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Pea said...

Ladysnail this looks ace!