17 February 2007


...this is something i did yesturday at uni in the printroom-which i would live in if i could! i nearly did not print yesturday as it took me about 10 hours in total to work out my layers and ideas-something wasnt clicking into place in my brain. then after exposing the screen and whilst waiting for it to dry, the screen split and i could have cried. sarah the lovely print lady technican fixed the screen and i started printing at about 4.30pm-managed to print until about 7pm as there was a private view exhibition in the foyer bit. the first one is printed on the inside of an envelope and the second is printed onto regular blue pastel paper. i thought the outline of the teeth would come out alot darker but i am happy with the soft effect of the black outline. i am very pleased with how it turned out dispite all the stress and confusion about layers. please double click on them to view them abit bigger.

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