04 February 2007


...some things i have been paying with over last couple of days. knitting with wire is very difficult and stressful and i wouldnt reccomend it unless you can stay calm for a while. etching is a printing process i love doing and at the moment i like to play with textures and see how they print.


natural attrill said...

The knitting looks like it would be difficult and fiddley to do, but love the results.
I really like your etchings alot, was looking at them on RI, the scientific blood theme is great, did you use buttons on one of them?

ladysnail said...

thanks for looking penny. i did use buttons on one of the prints. it was scary to hear them breaking when they went through the press-very scary crunching noise! i am going to try another experiment later this week with more buttons and knitted circles! x