14 February 2007

abit of a colour splash...

...colour and me dont really get on very well. this is an experiment i did today using emulsion paint and collage materials. jennipeg the super woman of colour was and is my inspiration when it comes to colour. i would rather run away from colour unless screen printing of which then i cant get enough colour! i am going to attempt a couple more of these and try and include some colour into my final packaging design.


natural attrill said...

I think the colours and textures would make a good gift wrap design (without the teeth!)
Who is jennipeg?


ladysnail said...

ah-jennipeg is a friend from uni-real name jennifer. she does alot of colour-collage work. she even mentioned today that she would like to design giftwrap if she could-i will have to see if she will let me post some of her work onto my blog so you can have a spy. she did some giftwrap last year based on fishing. dx.