26 January 2007

little fish....

...loads of little fish have swam their way into my sketchbook and are lost in amongst the doodles and the attempt at uni work. i am trying to create them as plushy type toys at the moment-similar idea as the pidgeon tree i knitted and stitched but waves and fissh instead. i can doodle these little swimmers all day and i have introduced some orange ones to the group. they are attempting to find the right way to go, working together as a group. they often argue and call each other names and comment on the sights they see as they swim.

edited - please double click to see the fish abit bigger!


Pea said...

hey, love these little fish Ladysnail! Why don't you do a project with them for uni? x

ladysnail said...

i am trying to think how i could put them in somewhere with uni work. i am trying to do some kind of editorial science project at the moment and i think they might work with that-thanks for the suggestion. bless you!