31 January 2007

bunch of pidgeons...

...seeking a new home. each are £12 with postage and packaging included. i did originally post these as individual photos but thought they looked better all together. on average they are 12cm wide-from their tailend to their beak. length wise they are about 15cm from the hoop in the middle of their body to the tips of their legs. pidgeons are made from cotton and sewn on the sewing machine except for abit of hand stitching. afew are made from printing a collage i made on to fabric printer paper. their eyes are buttons and the body is filled with soft fibre filling. they all have a majic glass pebble inside to help weigh them down abit when hung up using the hoop. please have a browse and email me if you wish to buy a pidgeon, miss_dj020@msn.com. thans for looking and having a spy.


...i have finally decided to part with some of my creations and are putting some of my pidgeons up for sale. many of them are made from cotton fabric and a couple are made from printing collaged dictionary onto printer fabric cotton. some have lace stitched round their necks. their legs are filled with poly pellets and the body is filled with a soft fibre filling. all pidgeons are sewed on the machine and carefully handstitched together at the top with a hoop to hang them up with. they are available to buy at £12 each with postage and packaging included.

28 January 2007


...this is a pic of me very hard at work. this is when i am most happy though sometimes it takes me a while to get started once i have made that start i am away with the working fairies so to speak. i create mess whatever i do and cant help but get everything out and then i put it all away and start all over again. i have an endless list of things to do and create and draw and it seems that list will forever be added to. i am slowly working towards ticking things off but then the mind does abit of thinking and then the list grows.

26 January 2007

little fish....

...loads of little fish have swam their way into my sketchbook and are lost in amongst the doodles and the attempt at uni work. i am trying to create them as plushy type toys at the moment-similar idea as the pidgeon tree i knitted and stitched but waves and fissh instead. i can doodle these little swimmers all day and i have introduced some orange ones to the group. they are attempting to find the right way to go, working together as a group. they often argue and call each other names and comment on the sights they see as they swim.

edited - please double click to see the fish abit bigger!

i have been tagged...

....here goes my six werid if not so werid things about me. i will be at this forever so am just going to do it and i know that i will think of better things later that i could have put instead.

1. i love to ramble. i can ramble all day long about nothing and instead of saying a straight sentence will go all round the houses. my friend whos in the army can vouch for this as well as many others...i can write letters for hours on end and not have told you anything new or particularly interesting but i like to give people some nonsense to read.

2. i love taking naps and factor them into my time schedule for the day-naps are very important and i get grouchy sometimes if i havent had a nap for a few days...i do actually sleep on a night like regular people do but naps have to be done.

3. i love my solar powered flip flap plant-its the best-anything like that is fab.

4. i like to doodle strange things over and over again and try to create them-my sketchbook is the same on every page...teeth...pidgeons...sugarcubes and fish.

5. i would love to have my own teashop one day and it will be a cross between somewhere simple to relax and have a bite or a sip with art and sofas mixed together.

6. i would love to have a cat called lemonade and a horse called moo moo and a greyhound called...i havent decided yet. i once had a hamster called marmalade.

12 January 2007

wave hello mister sock man...

...have had a little time apart from taking naps to create a new friend from old washed socks. he was very simple and easy to make though his waving arm was meant to look like his other arm but i thought that gave him character so i left it. he now lives in the living room with the sugercubes and the snails. he likes to eat daisy chains and dance in puddles.

04 January 2007

a pair of dotty twins...

...these little pidgeons were made today and like talking to each other. theu like eating baked beans and collectiong pebbles. i have enjoyed making these and the others and hope to make some more next week when i get some more 'eyes' as i have run out!

03 January 2007

...the pidgeons have flown in...

well five of the little beauties landed in today. am making another batch in a moment. i have had these on my todo list for a very long time and i finally got around to creating them. they are made using my own pidgeon stencil and are made in two sections. first the legs and then the body. they are hand stuffed with love and a magic pebble to weigh them down. the idea is to create some more of my knitted vines on a branch for them to dangle from like the original-of which i will post a pic later!

02 January 2007


its been a while what with all the celebrations and that. i am planning to make some pidgeons later today and will post up pics later. some i will be selling - fingers crossed - all details will follow. i have been doodling and am figuring out a name for my new plan should i ever get round to sorting it out what with other work to do and all! arrrgghhhh!