13 May 2014

wild horses...

...run free and my blog has now run free! it has moved to be part of my shiny new website which can be found here -

Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog over the years. The old posts will still be here but anything new, updates, news and everything will be over on the new blog. Please click on the link and come on over, have a peek about and say hello. 

21 November 2013

 grab a brew...

...and lets catch up on what happen in London the other weekend at the fantastic Renegade Craft Fair. To start off the story, let us travel even further back in time to Monday 4th November when I started falling ill with the cold germs. I started with a bit of printing which went very well - the tiny waving elephant card but I could feel the cold getting worse. I managed to book Wednesday off from the part time job so I could rest and wish the cold away. I prepped some new designs and printed these on the Thursday and Friday - I forgot how long it would take to wrap said new things up and ended up over doing it - the cold was getting worse by this point. I spoke to my Granma on the phone and she said I sounded like a robot.

A few weeks prior to Renegade, I managed to persuade the Mr to to come and help me as I usually look after the stall myself and having extra hands would allow me to go say hello to other stall holders, friends and look at their work. By Saturday, my voice was squeaky but not sore and I was ready for the weekend ahead, armed with shiny new business cards full of colour - even if I did look very tired. We drove down to London on Saturday morning - meeting up with Kayleigh O'Mara - my amazing friend and stall space pal - you can see her on the left and I am on the right - here we are setting up our tables. Kim Lawler of Finest Imaginary was one of our stall neighbours who you can see to the right - at the top of my card rack.

The Mr took some photos with the new camera and I wish I had taken some photos myself, of everything, of the other stalls and of the space we were in within the Old Truman Brewery. It was so busy on the Saturday, slightly quieter on the Sunday with more families visiting and some photos of it all in action would give anyone who didn't visit a better idea of what it was like.

The Mr likes to take photos of people pulling faces and I am usually pulling a face of sorts or grinning like a cat but the eyebrows are in full force on this photo. I wasn't feeling or looking great as we had been up since 4.45am.

One of the first things me and KL did when we could was have a quick walk around to say hello to people and see the other stalls. We came across Ketchup on Everything's stall whose work I had seen around the internet and on instagram - I fell in love with the A-Z Animal Alphabet single screenprints but couldn't decide which one I liked enough to pick so I bought the complete A-Z print which you can see framed in the middle.

Eightbear aka Katie Viggers - was another stall I really liked and the Mr bought her Animal World Map. It is lovely and we have managed to frame it and put in on a wall already which is a record. usually any prints we buy end up living in the folder under the bed - all waiting for when we own a house to do with what we wish. We have spoke to our landlord this past week and says we can hang any pictures we like - in fact he has offered to come and give us a hand which is great so the picture framing mission is on. I also bought the cutest Ghost badge from Asking For Trouble and a Geo Grey Cat badge from Custom Made that I have had my eye on for a while. I also had a lovely natter with Rachel from PricklePress and bought one of her Christmas cards. There was so much I could have bought but I set a limit - there is a list of all the London Makers who took part here.

The weekend was fantastic and it felt great to take part. So many great makers and such a wide variety of different things to look at and choose from. I would like to say a great thanks to my Mr for helping, to KL for always helping and looking after us, everyone who came to say hello - this includes old friends, new friends, twitter and instagram people, fellow stall holders and everyone who bought pieces of my work. I took quite a few new things to Renegade and they were well received which gives me confidence for the further new plans and books.

Renegade was great and I will definitely be applying for next year. As I only do a couple of fairs a year now - I think I underestimated the amount of prep and energy involved and hope to be better prepared next year. I lost my voice over the weekend and so it was a visit to the doctors on Monday as I felt very ill - I have been instructed to rest and take it easy which is difficult when I try and fit as much in as I can. I am slowly getting back to it - catching up with emails, printing and updating my new Not On The High Street shop.

14 November 2013

Revealing Craft...

...is a project that started in July 2012 with Folksy and India Hobson. I was fortunate to be asked if I would like to take part and of course I said yes - not sure what I was letting myself in for. India came to visit me at home in August 2012 and took loads of photos of my work area, me at work and photos of everything she found interesting. If i remember correctly - she really liked my cacti family. India was fantastic and made me feel at ease - we chatted about screen-printing, drawing and everything.

Along the way she has photographed 13 creative people and their work processes/materials/spaces, and together with James Boardwell of Folksy and du.st - they have created a beautiful book that they would like to publish. In order to do so - they have created a Kickstarter project and would like help to reach their target. There are 12 days to go - so click on the link - watch the video - read the words that are a lot better than mine and if possible - please donate.
UPDATE! As of 25th November 2013 - The Revealing Craft Kickstarter has been fully backed. A huge massive thank you goes all to everyone who was involved in every aspect of the way, right from the beginning and through to the end but it may not be the very end - there may be other installments and Folksy based adventures out there so please keep your eye on them for future news.

06 November 2013


...we will be traveling to London - the mister and I - very early on Saturday morning to meet up with Kayleigh O'Mara as we are taking part in Renegade Craft Fair! It is on both days - Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 6pm. I am doing all I can over the next three days to get ready! Please click on all the links to find out more.

The FEAR descended when I finished the last hedgehog pin cushion - I tried to ward it off with drawing and sorting my workroom out but it still crept in. I have since kicked it up the bum and creating a new work routine. I am trying to lessen the gap between the initial idea and working on the final thing - be it a print, badge, painting or completed drawing. I think I let the 'doubts' set in and then hide away the first scribbles, while thinking about it all too much. last thursday I decided to just jump in and hand paint a screen with a design I had been thinking about since February/March - it came out fine! until you print it - you doubt the design, you doubt the layers and just doubt everything about it and wonder what is the point. when it has been printed you wonder what all the stress is about and then itch to do more so I am going to roll with it and start work on another hand painted screen design today.

27 October 2013


...camera! for the past year I have been slowly coming to terms with the fact that my trusty fujifilm was not coming back to life, no matter what I tried to do. last weekend, after a couple of months of camera reviewing and camera shop visiting - i plucked up the courage to choose and invest in a fancy bells and whistles DSLR. I haven't a clue what I am doing but I am back to taking photos - with a bit of help from the Mr but he doesn't really know whats going on either. Oh - how I have missed the click click of a camera. there is a lot to learn but a lot to take photos of. I tried to take some of a goldfinch on the bird feeder this morning but we are not sure where they are! Up there, above this post is one of 'fruits' of today's photo session. we dug out the old tripod and did the best we could with the autumn natural light. hopefully I will be updating this blog more often now so keep your eyes peeled for photos of my latest pencil, paint and print adventures.

19 September 2013


...it is getting colder and leaves are starting to fall from the trees - where have I been since the attempted blog reboot? well - I have been busying away on finishing off lots of 'makes' amongst other things that I will cover in future posts. the hedgehog pin cushion pile has decreased - just 25 left to stuff and embroider! above is a photo of some of the robin badges I made during a hectic two and a half weeks of frantic sewing which started during the August Bank Holiday. I was determined to get them all ready to send off to my lovely stockists in time as the forthcoming months can get quite busy. there are 54 of the robin badges available this year - all will come on numbered limited edition packaging. 

for the past week I have started feeling anxious and nervous about the future, now the plan of action is finally coming to an end. the plan was to make up everything I could using existing supplies/materials. i have been screenprinting the card designs and enjoyed an afternoon of lino printing with my friend Kayleigh when I last visited her in London - more on that later. the plan is to try and get something out of what I learned at the Summer School, the little stories and characters I created and to maybe work on some of the old ones too. I wonder if I can really draw at times and I still have no solid way of creating an image or some kind of style - it will be case of just starting and seeing what happens.


I will be at the Crafty Fox Market on Saturday 5th October 2013 - 11am to 5pm at The Dogstar in Brixton. Please come and say hello.

19 August 2013


...time to get your hands on my favourite screen print. The Wanted Robber Bird Poster was created during the final weeks of my degree, the degree I nearly quit and left from and thankfully completed in 2008. This print was created from a hand drawn illustration and then hand pulled using Lascaux Inks on to Somerset Satin Paper. I have 8 left and available for the great price of £40 each - this includes UK P+P. The printed image is about A2 in size and the paper is roughly A1.

I wish to sell this prints for a number of reasons. One - because they are so big - it is hard to get them out and seen, whether that be at markets/fairs or to shops & galleries. Two - they have been in a folder under my bed for a couple of years now and they need to be in frames and on walls! Three - my trusty old Fujifilm camera 'died' last year after seven years and I desperately wish to replace it with a DSLR. I am struggling with two cameras that were gratefully given /loaned to me last year. One is a little point and click while the other, though similar to my old Fujifilm - I really find difficult to use and it sounds daft but I haven't 'clicked' with this camera. John manages to use it but I have only managed to get a couple of decent photos out of it.

My camera (and past cameras) would go everywhere with me in a camera bag and I have lost count of how many photos I have taken. I used it to take photos of everything. There are only a handful of photos of me as a little baby/child/growing up but there were lots of my brother and sister, so I vowed there would be photos of everyone and everything from then on. I bought my first camera when I started full-time work at 15. I took photos of pets, friends, family, my bedroom, outside, on nights out, it was always there at some party or celebration - nothing fancy just photos. Photos I love looking through. I remember taking a photo of the first cake I made for my friend's 21st birthday. As an illustrator, I used it to take reference photos and product shots and of course, I take photos for this blog. Another reason it has been neglected somewhat is due to the lack of decent camera. I have tried numerous times with the two I currently have but once they are in the computer - the photos are not great.

Photography is not something I have a great knowledge about - just something I really enjoy doing and I would love to have a good quality camera again. If you would like to buy a print or would like more information please email me - deb at debbiegreenaway dot com and I will be in touch as quickly as I can.

14 August 2013

hello again...

...it has been a while since my last post (AGAIN!) but I have been busy - nothing major but just busy. i would like to let you all know that Kayleigh O'Mara and I will be showing and selling our handmade work at designers/makers this SATURDAY 17th AUGUST from 11am until about 5pm (maybe a little later). Please do come along and say hello, and spend some pennies with us if you can. It is my first fair of 2013 and I am getting a little excited.

after various busy things - day job, art job, summer school, new niece, learning to drive, holiday visits, new garden etc - everything has calmed down a tad and I hope to carry on with the Blog Every Day Challenge and get back to updating more often as I was. Please bear with me - thank you.

11 June 2013


...this post is part of Rosalilium's Blog Every Day in May - #BEDM but I am going to create a post as often as I can throughout June and beyond. It can be difficult to blog every day but my aim is to make it to the end and hopefully it will help me to kick start this blog.

Day 5 - Fit and Healthy

What do I do to stay fit or keep healthy? One big answer is swimming. For the past 15 years, I have swam once or twice a week - give or take a year or so out and last year I finally signed up to a monthly swim pass at my local sports centre. One swim session is nearly £4 and a pass costs me £21 per month which I can use every available day in the month! Last year I was swimming about five times a week - mainly on weekdays as it was a way to get out the house when I didn't have a job. I cant do any fancy or quick swimming but I am considering taking swimming lessons as it would be great to improve and vary my swim strokes. I often swim 28m lengths for 45 to 60 minutes. I enjoy it - I was once recommended swimming by a mental health nurse and it helped at the time and continues to help me. It gives me time to take a break, relax and after the first lengths, I find my brain clears while I concentrate on my breathing and swim rhythm. While in the water, I think about daily or future tasks, how best to approach these tasks and what to cook for tea or eat when I get back.

Walking is another thing that keeps me active. I live very close to the city centre and there is no point catching bus as I am two stops out of the ring road. I walk to and from the sports centre and do the same again to get to my part time job. Holidays are often spent in the UK, taking short breaks to places that have walking routes nearby and we enjoy gentle roaming about taking in the local scenery. We visited Falmouth at the end of April this year and spent two days doing three walks we found in guide books borrowed from the library. Again - Porthcurno and the Lizard are both stunning places to go for a walk and cream tea. The next holiday place on the list is going to be somewhere in Wales. Now we have a car - we may spend more time out walking.

Future fitness plans include maybe buying a new or second hand bicycle and taking up squash again as John enjoys playing squash - it is something we have done in the past but now kept up on a regular basis. I would like to have more strength in my arms/upper body but I am more of a have fun while keeping fit person and only enjoy the weight sessions with a workout friend - some one to keep me going and vice versa.

07 June 2013


...the weather outside is beautiful. I have been out enjoying it today. Third load of washing is out on the line and drying. I have been out on a driving lesson - went well and I went for an hours swim at the sports centre. it was so warm walking back that I had to take a layer off - a thin jumper. It was so nice to feel the summer warmth on my skin.

Day 6 - Bank Holiday Fun

Do not panic - there isn't a new one on the calendar - it is a Blog Every Day in May post #BEDM but I am doing it in June as I didn't keep up AND I have swapped Day 5 and Day 6 around. Day 5 will be posted tomorrow instead.

The question is - what are my favourite ways to enjoy the extra long weekends off?

An extra long weekend off happens every two weeks as my part time job runs to a two week rota. For example, this week I finished work on Wednesday at 5pm and my next working shift is on Tuesday from 5pm. Bank holidays do not affect me that much and it is only in recent years that I have been able to enjoy them. In previous employments, I have had to work regardless.

If I get any kind of time off - weekend, day, an hour or two, here are some of things I get up to. If the weather is nice, John and I go out on the motorbike to somewhere close by - a park/walking area place, a little village or town or just out riding/exploring. We don't go out on the bike if it is raining as it's not great to ride around in rain. Sometimes we go and sit in our back yard with a beer or watch a bit of telly - Time Team or a film. Army Deb and Mollie are usually come to visit or I may go Lichfield to see them. One of my favourite things to do with spare time is to read a book and then have a nap on the sofa with a blanket. Bliss. I love reading curled up. I am an avid reader but when it hits the summer months I tend to slow down and make the most of going outside. If I can, I will take a book outside to sit on the chair swing we have under the trees. Weekends or time off is mainly enjoyed at a leisurely pace whether that be making work or relaxing.

I thought the image above would suit this post. It was drawn back in March and I finally spent some time creating it in to a colour image. It would be cool to sit with a lion and read a book. There are ideas floating about with these two characters and the plan is to continue working with colour in any available form. I am really enjoyed the past three days in the work room. John has had to peel me away to eat!

06 June 2013


...it is now JUNE! May was madness and I have decided to continue with the Blog Every Day in May #BEDM task but use it for June best I can. I have printed out the list from Rosalilium's website in the hope it will get me going more. May was a very busy month. We came back from a short holiday and I picked up some overtime hours at the library which resulted in me almost working full time which is great news for the money pockets but not for my art work as it kinda got pushed to the side. There were other things we did and enjoyed but the blog and workroom were neglected.

Day 4 - Five Fave Blogs

After Day 3 of #BEDM, I began thinking about the next post - this one and struggled. In a way I was putting it off as the amount of blog reading I do has declined a lot over the last two years or so. With the boom of other social media networks, I think the power of blogs has gone as there are quicker ways of getting 'news' out there. I also spend less time on the computer as I try to work without any distractions. No click click travelling from one blog to another and so on.

Yesterday evening was spent creating an initial list and a specific illustration for this post. I have now whittled down my original list of 11 to just five that I like to look at the most. All of them are creative blogs in some way - illustrators and/or print-makers, who's work I really admire and are my inspiration when putting my thinking cap on. Click on the links to find out more for yourselves as if I were to add a few descriptive lines - my words wouldn't do their blogs justice. In A-Z order to keep it fair - here are my five fave blogs.

Alex T Smith - Alex T Smith
Emm@ - Illustration, The Universe and Everything
Flora - Through The Round Window
Kristyna Baczynski - Kristyna Baczynski - Comics, Illustration & Design
Lisa Stubbs - Lil Sonny Sky

14 May 2013


...this post is part of Blogging Every Day in May #BEDM - with Rosalilium. I was playing catch up before and still am despite my best efforts! Last week was a near on full week in the library, we had visitors round, I had a driving lesson and we were in Huddersfield at the weekend visiting family and friends. Thank you to everyone who helped with The Print Auction that finished this week - I will let you know how much was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support soon.

Day 3 - Day in the Life

So this post is about what I get up to on a typical day - there are usually two different days, one with a shift at the library or one day where I am working from home. I decided to try and draw my day - I started this type of sketchbook work in 2008 and if you look through this blog - there are many over similar 'days' to look at.

The drawing above is of Sunday 5th May 2013. A day off - so I was at home and doing weekend things. The alarm was set for 7.24am - it is never set on a zero or odd number - I pressed snooze several times and didn't get up until just after 9am. I was working in the library the day before and was quite tired. I had breakfast - bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes. Afterwards, I started cooking some beef and cutting vegetables to put in the slow cooker for teatime later on. My husband, John helped me with photographing prints to list on eBay and whilst listing the prints on eBay - I tried to sort through my emails and to-do list. I then spent an hour or two cleaning the house and doing laundry - it was a good day to dry clothes out on the washing line. My friends, Army Deb, Ian and their daughter Mollie Moomin came over just after dinnertime. Army Deb and I had various cups of tea in the kitchen, while watching the birds on the bird feeder. We took Mollie to the park and outside where she attempted to eat soil, pebbles and blossom off the tree that is in the front garden. I attempted to take some photos of Mollie but she would turn herself in the opposite direction! I made some Yorkshire Puddings to go with the beef casserole - we had the food at about five pm - it was delicious. Love using the slow cooker. In the evening, I watched a bit of telly with John and went to bed about 11pm. Sunday was a relaxing day and it was nice to enjoy the weather.

05 May 2013

the sun is out there...

...this post is part of Blogging Every Day in May - #BEDM - still playing catch up as I have had a busy weekend so far. Yesterday I was at the library all day - my part time job and today I have been listing things on eBay as part of The Return to Drawing Screen Printing Mission - 25% of all final sales will go toward Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of my friend Ali Graney who passed away from a rare form of cancer in July 2012. The rest of the money will go towards creating new screen prints. I have the paper and paint - just need to get my arse in to gear with getting to the print room now and the funds to do so to create new screens.

Day 2 - Spring is Here!

Spring came to say hello to us people in Coventry at the end of April and I got a teeny bit excited! I rushed to find a new summer dress and found a Topshop one in a charity shop for £8 - mainly black in colour with big bright flowers on. Perfect for me but the Mr didn't approve but he ain't the one wearing it. I washed it and wore it to work with legging and sandals that week. The Mr and I spent the second week of 'spring' in Falmouth as part of his 30th birthday celebrations. I love the spring colours - the leaves, the buds, the flowers, the sky, the butterflies and the fresh air - plus everyone smiles a little bit more. With the warmer and sometimes sunny weather, I can walk on grassy areas in bare feet - my most favourite place for this is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Also the beach - I don't get to a beach often but I did tip my toes in to the sea at Porthcurno last Monday afternoon. It was lovely. With spring arriving, I am looking forward to the longer daylight hours, not having the heating on, ice-creams and sitting in my garden. I am also looking forward to the new direction I have started with my illustration work.

I am taking part in Blogging Every Day in May with Rosalilim. Find out more about everything by clicking on the links.

03 May 2013

Blogging Every Day in May...

...hello to everyone new and hello to everyone who has been here before. For the month of May, I am joining in with Rosalilium - Elizabeth's blogging project. I saw Kim of Finest Imaginary and some other people over on twitter mentioning it in their tweets so I clicked the links to find out more. Here I am - technically on Day 3 but with Day 1's task and the plan is to catch up over the weekend.

Day 1 - Five Lines...

Hello. My name is Debbie, an illustrator & printmaker and I also work part time as a library and information assistant.

I have a sweet tooth with a fondness for Hobnob biscuits.

Telly wise, I like to watch Monk, Murder She Wrote, The Simpsons, Person of Interest and anything with Sir David Attenborough in.

I live in Coventry with my husband. We are both originally from Huddersfield and in the past we have lived in Preston and Manchester.

I am currently trying to draw, paint and print more and have booked myself on to a short course in Book Illustration which will take place in July 2013. Exciting!

28 March 2013


life's little larks...

...is a little shop run by Helena in The Famers Market & Craft Centre in Heskin. It is full of handmade gifts, cards, accessories and such like. Helena is an artist and illustrator. You can find out more information about her shop if you click this link. She updates her facebook page with the work she has inside her little shop and with pictures of her recent commissions. As seen in these photos, Life's Little Larks is one of my newest stockists. I am working on a batch of robin badges as these were very popular after the Mollie Makes feature - I have some supplies left so I am putting them to good use. Helena requested some but I was out of stock - so some will be flying Royal Mail style up to her soon.

19 March 2013


...this lion page is from the yesterdays of 2012 - about June time maybe - when I had an interview for the Post Office. The back yard squirrel or squirrels were causing chaos and having fun chewing up my washing line. I often put a couple of nuts out on the floor for them but I haven't seen any squirrels for a while. I keep trying to draw in the is lion journal but nothing much happens enough - not like the days of Manchester. We shall see. Last week was a good week for 'doing' and I am trying to keep the momentum going. Current project involves owls and of course I drew an owl with a lion - ideas are forming but lets not jump before we can walk - eh? The name of the game is to keep it simple and stressing out it not allowed.

13 March 2013

saying goodbye...

...in the fabric sense, to a good friend of mine - Mr Robotington. I have umm-ed and ahh-ed over this decision for a long while but during the recent weeks it has become clear to me that there are other things I wish to concentrate on. These things - I have tried to do in the past but other elements/events/blah blah always due me back to crafting. So in words - I will no longer be making any small or big Mr Robotingtons. These are the ones you would usually see at fairs, in shops and online. Custom orders for the Super Large ones that are about a meter big - will be available to order while supplies last! I have been photographing and listing each of the remaining Mr Ro's and there are now seven left. They can be found over in my Etsy online shop. Click on the link to see individually listed Mr Ro's or Randomly Picked Mr Ro's (obviously this listing will cease to be once they have all been papped.)

03 March 2013


...well it moves and now we are in MARCH! Yep, March. Despite the good old best intentions it has taken me until now to get a move on and post an update. I wont bore you with a long winded reason why I have been away hibernating but I am still here and attempting things - what these things are - I am not sure of but I think I am trying to get back on the drawing path best I can. So this post features two photos that I took last week from a walk Army Deb and I went on round Middleton Lakes - which is a RSPB reserve. It was a freezing cold day, we wrapped up warm and set out with the largest pack lunch ever! There is very large heronry there and we saw two herons flying about. We met a very friendly pair of robins and one of them took some bread from my hand. There was a hive of activity around the feeding area and we spotted a new birds - well new to our eyes but I have forgotten what it is called. Below is a picture of some Blue Tits feasting on peanuts. I am looking forward to the return of better weather as it will hopefully bring the birds back to my bird feeder. We have a few visitors at the moment including three goldfinches who are greedy little so and so's. Eating the seed constantly until there is nowt left, a pair of robins, two chaffinches, a couple of great tits, few blue tits and a blackbird.

23 November 2012


...it has been a while since my last entry - lots of things have been happening. In and amongst, I started a new part time job as a library & information assistant which I am thoroughly enjoying! It is so nice to go to work and do something helpful. Art wise, I was very fortunate to be asked by Mollie Makes to contribute a project/tutorial to their magazine - Issue 21 which is on sale now! The original Robin Badges are now for sale in my Etsy and Folksy shops. I have also been finishing off loads of things from my 'to-do' box which has cleared out a lot of space and listed extra craft supplies over on eBay. Please check out the links for more information.

30 October 2012

time out...

...since Renegade back in September, I have been doing a number of things and having a little bit of a time out with Army Deb and Mollie Moo in their new home. I did take some stitching and the sketchbook. I have been making work, painting badges, sewing hedgehogs and clearing out my work room - there will soon be some things up for grabs in the online shops and on ebay. above is a page from the lion sketchbook and I keep trying to draw in it but nothing much happens in Coventry. I only really speak to John and the pages would and could be filled full of me and him talking, eating and riding about on Victor (the motorbike). I am hoping to start printing properly again soon and so I will wave goodbye until next time so I can continue preparing some drawings.


Nook & Cranny is a fantastic shop based at the are based at the Bluecoat Art Gallery in Liverpool - a selection of my work can be found on their shelves! go take a peek and if you can, support British Handmade and Small Businesses. x